Backpacking in my Bathtub

Backpacking in my Bathtub. Why would anyone do that? Exactly. It’s nonsense. And in our experience – Jen and myself – that is what kids love. And a fair few adults too. Despite the emergence of online books, children still love the real thing. And that is so important. So we produced a book of nonsense rhymes that children can enjoy alone or with their parents and grandparents. You are never too old for a sprinkling of silliness. We both love books – something tangible to hold on to, something you can share, something you can pass on. So here we are. A small book of poetry to make you smile, brilliantly written by Anita and equally brilliantly illustrated by Jen. We loved producing it, and we hope you will love reading it.

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Each book costs £8 with £4 being donated to Mind Dorset!

There is a £1 postage fee.

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