Welcome to Jennysis Crafts

All you need to do is purchase the blank and look through all my patterns and designs and choose the one you like. I can even print your designs and images! No Copyright however!
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Welcome to Jennysis Crafts and the home of Bunny & Bird.

So now you are here.. what to do?  Well I have soooooo much I can add so I’ve been having a little rejiggle.  Somethings are available to post or have large quantities available.  Some items however I print on demand.  As such I have now created a Print on Demand section.  All you need to do is choose your item, choose your pattern, design or even have your own image printed on it.  These are still being added so if there is an item you really fancy being printed do give me a shout as I may not have added it yet!

If you are after some of the more boring info like GDPR or even how to contact me then you need the menu at the bottom of the page.

If you are a Patreon you will get a discount code most months and this can be used against anything on the site!

Now lets look at the good stuff, That’s what you’re here for after all! Click on the menu links to the side or browse the shop on the header.

Have fun!  Love Jen xx