Sell with Jennysis

For many many years I have wanted to create a place for people to showcase their wonderful talents and open a gallery.  As an actual, walk through the door, gallery is a huge step I thought the next best thing is to offer online space to small business’s to sell a few of their items.

As this is a new venture for Jennysis we are limiting each seller to 5 different items (although you can sell as many of those items as you wish).  Each item needs to be handmade by yourself and something you can create in a reasonable time frame.  You will be responsible for fulfilling each order and if you can no longer make the item listed on you are to notify me as soon as possible so as to avoid any disappointment to the customers.

I am planning to trial this out to a small number of crafty people to see how it goes, as such I will not be charging a set up fee to get your mini shop up and running although I will ask for 5% of the final sales to cover my costs.  So as to reduce further fees on your end all monies to you will be transferred via bank transfer rather than Paypal.  Why should you pay this amount? Well if you shop through Etsy or Folksy or even ebay, more often than not, you will not only have to pay these sites fees but also listing fees.   I won’t charge a listing fee, just 5% of what ever your items sells for and that’s it!

So what do you get from this?  Well your items will be listed in catagories for easy searching as well as your own mini shop.  You will also have your products showcased on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!  It’s all free advertising and the more people that visit will browse and visit the other shops too!

If you would be interested in finding out more and seeing if your products can be sold on please don’t hesitate to contact me on