Artists and Illustrators

If you are an illustrator or artist and want to have your work printed on merchandise then I do offer a wholesale service.  Just pop me a message to find out my wholesale prices, I can do test sets but main orders will have a minimum spend unless agreed.

Feel free to look over my site and in the customised printing section to find things you could have your art printed on,
I also offer the opportunity to have any art I print sold on my site, free of charge.
So why?
Well the more lovely things on my site the more wonderful traffic will come visiting!
So that’s what’s in it for me, what about you?
You get your art seen in another marketplace and if you make a sale I will let you know and either I can take the money you earn off from any future orders or you can invoice me and I will paypal it over to you.
So how much will you get if you list? You will get whatever profit you would have got from selling your item after paying me as normal.

So what can be included on

Only items that I print and can ship direct to your customer. I won’t be able to stock anything other than this or I may need to charge an additional fee. This really is meant to be a convenience for y0u and your customers, you don’t have to store stock and your customers don’t need to wait for you item to be delivered to you and then forwarded to them.

Here are a few examples of some artists I print for. To see what stock they have with me visit the shops and check them out.