Positively Artful – 6 week Nurturing Class – 11-15yr olds – 19th April


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Does your child struggle to feel positive? Are they carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders or even struggle with the everyday?

I have put together this 6 week course based around the emotional needs of young children.
I have 3 children with high emotional needs and want to help others who also struggle.
Each week we will create art to help us express and cope with emotions using art and crafts.  It’s never about the outcome, they don’t need to be budding Picasso’s, it’s all about the journey and finding a way to keep believing in ourselves.
If we have time we may also create small sensory toys.
We will aim to have a little break for a drink and a snack.

I am not an Art Therapist, but I am using years of personal experience with my own children, years of working with young children and training courses I’ve attended to try to deliver the best program I can.

In order to allow the children to feel safe and free to communicate however they wish I will only be taking on a very small group. Maximum of one parent is welcome but I would like to stress how important it is for the children to feel  as  able to be as open as they wish.

note – I will not be probing or talk about anything from their past, or even anything about their home or family. This is purely a group where they can learn artistic ways to help believe in themselves and stay positive.

I’ve started these sessions at 1 hour but if we find that it isn’t enough time I may extend them at a later date.

I am fully DBS checked.

I retain the right to refuse a child if they prove a danger to themselves or others.

(Well I think that’s the formal stuff out the way!) so let’s get creative!

this block of sessions are –

19th April

26th April

3rd May

10th May

17th May

24th May


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