Welcome to Jennysis Crafts


Welcome to Jennysis Crafts and the home of Bunny & Bird.

So now you are here.. what to do?  Well I have decided to do some major rejiggling and most options won’t currently be on my site, but I can still print all the things you like so feel free to get in touch. 
Hopefully my site will be all sparkly and new for you to enjoy soon. Until then feel free to browse my items in the side menu. 

If you are after some of the more boring info like GDPR or even how to contact me then you need the menu at the bottom of the page.

I now have a bricks a mortar workshop space where you can come and learn a new craft or even hire the space to run your own get together!

I now have a landline which I will add to the new site. 

Now lets look at the good stuff, That’s what you’re here for after all! Click on the menu links to the side. 
I’ll be back with a simpler site very soon.

Have fun!  Love Jen xx