Hi, My name is Jenny and yes I will say it …. I am a craftaholic!

Just like so many other talented crafters out there, I caught the crafting bug at a very young age. My first serious craft was quilling and at the age of 10 I had set up my own mini business, making and selling cards (mainly to family!  Ahhh!) After a few years I started getting orders from party planners to have personalised cards made for their recruits.  Throughout my school life I would create and design in my spare time until it was time to spread my wings and venture to university.

After a degree in metalwork and jewellery I noticed how tough the market is out there, I am not naturally talented at putting myself forward and selling my wares, it always felt like I was selling my soul.  Being artistic and creative makes selling so much more difficult I think as every piece, be it a batch of keyrings or a one of a kind piece, are somehow an extension of yourself and a rejection feels so personal. I longed for somewhere to display my makes without having to trudge the streets with samples in hand.  Bear in mind this was all pre internet (well there was such a thing as internet but it wasn’t something many people had access to and selling on it was reserved for the big boys!)  I thought then and there, something I really wanted was to be able to create a space for people to display their makes and sell them, to give them a chance.  I don’t want others to feel as intimidated as I did.

Since graduating I admit to doing very little making on the jewellery front, jobs and family eventually took over, but the crafts just never went away!  Now I am a mother of three adorable girls who like to create all the time (mainly havoc!)

Over the years I have tried my hand at most crafts and fallen in love with each and every one of them.  I have had the privilege of demonstrating crafts to various people of all talents and am amazed at the hidden talent people have within them.  The thing I truly love the most is the look of pride and achievement people have on their faces when they have achieved something they thought they never could.I love to challenge all those people who think they can’t craft, to show them how to create wonderful things easily.  Crafting is a therapy and I have seen it help many people get through difficult stages in their lives.  I want the world to see that a little creativity can go a long way!  That’s right, make a card not war! Ok, I am not expecting our troops to head overseas, laden down with sizzix machines and a snazzy array of papers….although I think that could be fun!  I am not even expecting parliament to start knitting while passing policies!  I would like to show people how easy it can be to make a little creative difference, to feel good about something you have crafted with your own two hands.

So for whatever reason you have come to visit Jennysis, I hope that it in some way inspires you to craft or shop or even both!

Happy crafting people!  Unleash your inner creativity!