The Crafty Cuppa Self Rental

Welcome to the Crafty Cuppa’s rent a shelf page.

Rent a shelf is a great option to promote your work and have a brick and mortar mini shop without the cost of owning a shop.  You will also find that customers visiting the cafe will see your work as well as all those also renting. Like a creative market!

Another benefit of renting at the crafty cuppa is the opportunity to rent the workshop space at a discounted price so you can teach your skills to others. 

So let’s discuss rental space. 

Primarily we have two shelf size options available but we may also have hanging space if needed.

Shelves are either

20×10”  £20pm

30×10” £30pm

There will be no commission taken. However you will have to cover the cost of card transactions for your products at around 1.75%(depending on zettles inflation). You will need to provide a PayPal or bank account in order to be paid for any sales

As there will always be bottom shelves and top shelves your stock may change space over the month to enable everyone to experience prime middle spaces, so don’t panic if you are worried about your shelf position as this is likely to change over the month. 

All new applications will be considered monthly and if no space is available there will be a waiting list. As we want there to be a variety of items available in the cafe it is unlikely we will stock several of the same type of creations, in this instance new applications will need to be vetted before being approved. An application does not necessarily mean a place in the shop. 

Window displays. 

It would be great to be able to use some of your stock in window displays to encourage customers to enter the cafe. During the summer months however the windows are very much in full sunlight and there are concerns about items fading. If you would like to feature her in the window displays it would be helpful to supply some extra items that are either seconds or you are not concerned about them fading. We will try to change out the window displays as often as possible so hopefully very little sunlight damage will happen but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Please can you take note of the following stock conditions. 

All products must be handmade or designed by you.

All products must not be in breach or copyright laws.

Must comply with any legal requirements such as trading standards, CE tested, warning labels, food safety, pat tested etc.

Any products found in breach of any of these requirements will immediately be removed. We will let you know if this happens. 

Primarily the Crafty Cuppa will aim to rent shelves to only Dorset creatives. 


You the stockist will be responsible for the following;

  • Delivery of stock to The Crafty Cuppa, 46 High East Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1HU
  • Provide a full list of delivered stock, with descriptions and prices
  • Provide correct and up to date contact details for you the stockist
  • To pay required amount for the rental of display space, on the date agreed. And then monthly for each month you have a space in the cafe
  • To give one months notice to vacate your space in the shop. Failure to give notice or if notice is given on or after rent payment date will mean that rent is due for that month.
  • Failure to pay rent will create a debt payable by the stockist to The Crafty Cuppa, stock will not be returned to stockist unless debt is payed. The Crafty Cuppa may choose to take 30% of sales until rent is paid.
  • To remove stock from the cafe once notice period has ended, unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon in advance
  • Stock that is not collected on the date specified will be removed from the shelves or continue to be sold at 30% commission basis until collected/returned to stockist.
  • Distance stockists are responsible for covering the cost of returning products by post to themselves at the end of their contract. 
  • Stock must meet the stock condition requirements set out above regarding the law and copyright.

We the proprietor will be responsible for;

  • Noting all stock entering the premises, and recording on a stock listing
  • Keeping records of all sales, and monies owned to the tenant
  • Ensuring money is paid to the tenant at the end of each month, minus any card transaction fee’s
  • Ensuring that the shop is safe and secure and fully insured to cover all products within.
  • The Crafty Cuppa will be staffed at least five days a week, from 10am until at least 2pm, some days will be longer and may include evenings and Saturdays. There may be occasions when the shop has to shut, in all instances we will attempt to contact all tenants to inform them in advance. We will do all we can to try and ensure that this does not happen.
  • Marketing the shop, hosting events and ensuring that customers are able to be in the shop to browse.

Many thanks

Jen xx