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All Change for Jennysis!

Well it’s time for yet another change. It’s so hard finding your way as a small business I think, so much you want to do! It can sometimes take years to establish and feel settled. I have done many things in the past, sold various different products, taught classes and even created multiple craft kits!

Well It is time for another shuffle around. I will still be running Jennysis as before but in a new premises and… most excitedly, I will be running workshops again. I have so many ideas and I can also rent out the space to other artists and craftspeople to run workshops from there also! There really are so many opportunities!

So what’s happening right now? Well I have closed Jennysis for a few weeks while we finish sorting out the new office. There is still floor to lay, walls to decorate and lights to change but sink and electrics are moved so we are getting there!

I have removed the stock clearance from my site as well, partly due to stock take and also because I will use many items in my workshops and also have them for sale for those local coming to the sessions if they wish.

I have ordered a card reader (I feel soooo professional now!) so I can take card payments as well as booking online or cash on the day.

Another bit of news is that I am giving away a free Bunny with every Patreon over £5 this month! I will be personalising their little t-shirts too so a fab bargain and unique. Being a Patreon also means you will get discount on products, exclusive downloads and loads of behind the scenes such as tours of the work happening in the new studio!

So what else? Oh yes… Sticker books will be coming this way soon. so excited about these and the idea of collecting sticker packs to fill your very own sticker book. Patreons who get happy post will have a pack monthly hopefully too.

Ok I think that may be it. I’m not sure but I can always come back. It’s been so nice to find a bit more mojo after feeling so low for so long so I hope you are as excited as I am for these new adventures!

Love Jen xx

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