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Prepping for children’s workshops

Hi all.

I have been doing some market research and found there is quite a need for children’s craft clubs in Dorchester so I have been busy planning away.

There have been various things I’ve needed to consider, from age groups, types of clubs as well as whether or not my workshop space is really up to the task of having kids let loose in it!

First up… lets Child proof the workshop! Well as well as possible that is! I had bought so many Kallex units and although I totally love them I was worried they would be too much of a temptation for little fingers to rummage through or generally just shove stuff in.

So to start thinking… I could use curtains… fabric costs a lot and could fray, requires sewing etc.

How about Perspex doors? or kitchen cupboard doors? Well, not only would they need resizing but those hinges would get in the way, still be easy to open and wouldn’t necessarily keep the contents hidden. not to mention the idea of trapped fingers etc.

My last thought was thin mdf or ply. My local timber yard is totally amazing and after I measured the size of a 4 cube section I went in to see what size sheets they do. At first there looked that a fair amount of each sheet would have a lot of waste, but then after a little thought I realised I could get 3 large squares and 3 sections which would make up the same coverage of 2. I ended up with very little waste and they cut them all for me right there. All totally perfect in size and barely any waste!

Next I needed to think about how I was fixing them. I didn’t want hinges as the effect I was after was a feeling of it being a continuous wall rather than it looking like it was sections. Also trapped fingers alert!!! My other thought was that if as the wood was pretty thin I didn’t want it to warp. So what did I do???

Magnetic clasps! I found some in my local range but actually found a far better deal on Amazon. each section has 4 magnetic catches hidden inside the unit, i cut some card blocks so I could always line them up correctly and there you go!!

All that was left to do was a lick of paint… In Jennysis colours of course!

So after all the excitement of finally finishing hiding all those tempting boxes I then took down my craft supply stand and filled it will pots and containers for all things crafty that would be needed in various sessions!

I hope you love how it looks.

Jen xx

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2023 Workshops

Well can you believe we are halfway through February already?

I ran my first workshop of 2023 this week and it went so well. It was super to meet some new crafters and we had such a laugh.

As usual I forgot to take photos, I tend to feel a bit rude having my phone on me while teaching but I really should.

I also ran a ladies craft night on the Friday for a selection of friends. we created macrame hearts as well and I remembered a photo.

So here is a sample of some of the wonderful things we made.

I am running the macrame hearts session again on Tue 14th and there are still some spaces available.
Just click here to book …

I am also underway planning some new workshops for children and some longer specialised workshops.

So until that update I will leave you with a selections of upcoming workshops.

Jen xx

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All Change for Jennysis!

Well it’s time for yet another change. It’s so hard finding your way as a small business I think, so much you want to do! It can sometimes take years to establish and feel settled. I have done many things in the past, sold various different products, taught classes and even created multiple craft kits!

Well It is time for another shuffle around. I will still be running Jennysis as before but in a new premises and… most excitedly, I will be running workshops again. I have so many ideas and I can also rent out the space to other artists and craftspeople to run workshops from there also! There really are so many opportunities!

So what’s happening right now? Well I have closed Jennysis for a few weeks while we finish sorting out the new office. There is still floor to lay, walls to decorate and lights to change but sink and electrics are moved so we are getting there!

I have removed the stock clearance from my site as well, partly due to stock take and also because I will use many items in my workshops and also have them for sale for those local coming to the sessions if they wish.

I have ordered a card reader (I feel soooo professional now!) so I can take card payments as well as booking online or cash on the day.

Another bit of news is that I am giving away a free Bunny with every Patreon over £5 this month! I will be personalising their little t-shirts too so a fab bargain and unique. Being a Patreon also means you will get discount on products, exclusive downloads and loads of behind the scenes such as tours of the work happening in the new studio!

So what else? Oh yes… Sticker books will be coming this way soon. so excited about these and the idea of collecting sticker packs to fill your very own sticker book. Patreons who get happy post will have a pack monthly hopefully too.

Ok I think that may be it. I’m not sure but I can always come back. It’s been so nice to find a bit more mojo after feeling so low for so long so I hope you are as excited as I am for these new adventures!

Love Jen xx

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Schools back and Autumn is coming!

Welcome to another Jennysis September!

This month I am full swing on Patreon  creating exclusive products.  I will be releasing a new range here as well so you won’t miss out on everything!

I’ve had a little rejiggle of my home page and it leads directly to my products page now which I hope will make things much easier.  If you want business branding or stationery or custom printing then you can still access these through the top menu.

If you would like to follow me on social media, donate a virtual coffee to me on Ko-fi or even pledge and support me on Patreon then click the contact me option.

Thanks for all your support!

Love Jen xx


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Happy 2019

So changes are a foot!

I have taken all my craft supplies off of my site for a while.


Well my stock control seems to be a bit off and it has said I’ve had a few products when I haven’t. I have lots of stock, most of which is stock I got when I was creating my craft kits.  So I have decided that I would like to clear as much stock as possible and will be doing this via an exclusive facebook group.

Do join if you would like to see what’s available.